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Window Cleaners Honiton
Window Cleaning in Honiton
This domestic client in Honiton got in touch with Sun Valley Window Cleaning
after a recommendation from one of our previous clients.
Window Cleaner Honiton Window Cleaner Honiton
The Project
This client got in touch with us at Sun Valley Window Cleaning after a recommendation from one of our previous customers. The clinet, Derek wanted me to clean all the pvc and frames on all his dormer windows and wash down all pvc guttering.

All the pvc and guttering was really mouldy and full of mildew as it had not been cleaned since the house was built. We treated the pvc with some formulated Cleaning fluid and gave a 1st application on all pvc and guttering and allowed that to work away for about 30 mins on each section, after that we washed all of it down with pure water using our machines and poles and it bought brilliant results.

We even managed to clean the dormer above the conservatory and cleaned all gutters by the conservatory as well with poles and brushes by doing this it allows us to reach those areas where usually you would not be able to get to.
Location Honiton
Completed November 2015
Window Cleaner Honiton Window Cleaner Honiton
What did the customer think?

"I first saw sun valley window cleaning doing a job for my neighbour up the street and I was extremely impressed with the final results so I approached him and asked for their number. I spoke to steve and he came round and quoted me a competitive price and gave him the go ahead.

Steve came over on a pre arranged day and washed and cleaned all my dormer windows and I got him to clean the gutters for me as well. The results are fantastic and would highly recommend them without hesitation!" Derek, Honiton

Window Cleaning Honiton
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